About Us

Ningbo LD Machinery Co. Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders, and OEM products (casting, forging and raw material) for over 30 years. Located in Ningbo Sea Port City, we had consistently provided high quality, competitive prices products and great services to customers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as overseas.

— 1988
LD Company was established in 1988 that named LONGDA in beginning. In the early years, Mr. Ren couple run the company; today the company is still family-owned. Mr. Ren couple firstly started domestic hydraulic manufacturing business, and then with China reform and opening-up policy, LD started the international business through Trade Company.

— 2000
LD had its own land to build the workshop with 0.3Ha space. Workshop equipped with CNC Lathes, cutting, drilling machines, etc. LD’s brand as a reliable OEM manufacturer quickly grew. LD’s business scope mainly covered for OEM raw material, casting, and forging parts, mainly used in Hydraulic System Market. On that time, LD had already kept 5 years cooperation with its biggest Canadian customer “Monarch Industries”, and kept the cooperation until 2012. The reputation of good quality manufacturer had been spread worldwide quickly.

— 2010
With strict quality control system on manufacturing and inspecting, LD qualified to ISO 9001. LD started to produce the complete set of hydraulic cylinder in 2010. In the beginning, LD’s new cylinder factory mainly supplied to its biggest American customer “Bailey Industries Inc.” With high quality and competitive prices benefits, LD serves a diverse range of clients in industries that include agriculture, transportation, mining and equipment manufacturers. Meanwhile, Mr. Ren’s daughter Jenny established an international trade company, in charge of foreign customers’ communication. Under the management of Jenny, LD will attend the exhibition yearly in Shanghai PTC, Shanghai Bauma, Germany Bauma(2019), LAS Hydraulic(2017), etc.

— 2017
LD expands its land to 1.3Ha with three big workshops and one office building; the amount of staff is around 120 people. LD decides to join the program of renovation known as WCW(World Class Manufacturing), with ERP and 6S(SEIRI,SEITON,SEISO,SEIKETSU,SHITSUKE,SECURITY) systems combination. The program means to reach higher standards in the entire logistic and productive cycle in order to get higher levels of competitiveness worldwide.

Company focus on quality improvement, process effective management, flexibility and customer services, involvement and motivation of the entire company staff. The aim is to reach ZERO waste, defects, inventory and breakdowns by involving everyone in the company, spreading and standardizing achieved results.