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Quality Control on Machining

Ningbo LD has been a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders, and OEM products (casting, forging and raw material) for over 30 years. Located in Ningbo Sea Port City, we had consistently provided high quality, competitive prices products and great services to customers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, as well as overseas.

Our workshop total space is 16,000 square foot; the amount of staff is around 120 people. LD joined the program of renovation known as WCW (World Class Manufacturing), with ERP and 6S(SEIRI,SEITON,SEISO,SEIKETSU,SHITSUKE,SECURITY) systems combination. The program means to reach higher standards in the entire logistic and productive cycle in order to get higher levels of competitiveness worldwide.

We focus on quality improvement, process effective management, flexibility and customer services, involvement and motivation of the entire company staff. The aim is to reach ZERO waste, defects, inventory and breakdowns by involving everyone in the company, spreading and standardizing achieved results.



Ningbo LD has its own designed AUTO-Machining Line with 24 hours no stop, complete sets of machining equipment, such as Auto-Robot Machines, Advanced CNC lathes, CNC lathes, Milling lathes, Tube Honing Machines, etc., is able us to produce many kinds of customized products.

We believe good stable machining process is critical to a hydraulic cylinder design, strictly inspecting process is the key to a hydraulic cylinder quality.

Proper tolerances, strictly measurements and surface finish are vital to the proper function and performance of the cylinder. Every part of the cylinder, we need to be 3 times inspecting, and 100% inspecting according to drawing requirements. Since in 1995, Ningbo LD is yearly qualified to ISO 9001, we always keep our vision : QUALITY IS THE COMPANY LIFE. With over 30 years experiences in machining, we have gained good reputation all over the world.



Ningbo LD engineering department consists of 4 OEM technical engineers expert in casting, forging and OEM parts, 2 Cylinder designing engineers, 1 Hydraulic system engineer. All engineers have over 20 years experiences in Hydraulic Market. Our vision is providing innovative and problem solving designs to all of our clients.

We are able provide 3D modeling for customers upon request for layout work or manuals. By using our 3D models, our clients can be sure that the custom product made by Ningbo LD will fit into their equipment also verifying form and function.

Our technical engineering expertise has been utilized by our clients from all over the world, to build custom components for applications in Construction, Mining, Forestry, Marine, Material Handling, Agriculture, Truck and Trailer, etc.

In addition, every mature type cylinder sold in our web are approved by OVER 50,000 circles of testing, we can assured that LD CYLINDERS will have long-life, superior performance and high reliability under 2 YEARS WARRANTY.

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