Auto-Painting Line

Half-Auto Painting Line

Ningbo LD invested 1 million RMB to build the half-auto painting line, one painting line’s capacity is 1400pcs, kind of one container. Our painting equipment are qualified the license by China government for environmentally friendly.

It is well known that preparation before painting is the key factor for cylinder paintings’ corrosion resistance, adhesion, hardness. We imported the chemical reagent from Germany on the brand of Henkel, and follow the professional guidance of preparation requirements.

For every cylinder painting’s thickness , we do have different levels to reach different customers requirements, thickness can be ≥ 50μm,≥80μm, ≥100μm with different color options.

For every batch of cylinder painting, company requires workers to recording “ Preparation of Painting Daily Report” documents before painting and recording “ Daily Painting Testing Reports” documents after painting.